Facebook Stops Facebook Lite Support on iOS Devices

Lightweight and featherweight version of the usual Facebook application, Facebook Lite is withdrawing from iOS. The reason given is quite simply that it did not find its audience. A Facebook spokesperson points to so-called limited adoption. The Lite version of Facebook on the iPhone did not do much. The social network decides to abandon it.

Facebook Stops Facebook Lite

With less than 12 MB in download, the Facebook Lite application has been praised for its lower data consumption and its functioning despite sometimes uncertain connectivity conditions.

If the adoption of Facebook Lite on iPhone and iPad has clearly not been there, we can highlight the progress made at the same time by the Facebook application.

Facebook Lite application

Stopping Facebook Lite on iOS will have no impact on the future of Messenger Lite on iOS. Except surprise, it is also unlikely that the Facebook Lite application on Android will be discontinued.