Facebook Phone Coming In 2013?

The idea of a Facebook Phone is not new and in fact the rumor on the net is celebrated annually since 2010 and although it is mentioned several times that two high-level Facebook staffers had been tasked with developing a Facebook phone in secret. According to the New York Times, Facebook has hired several engineers (most of which worked on the iPhone or the iPad) in order to design their own phone.

Facebook is now close to reaching one billion users worldwide, but the earnings and projections for future years are not at all adequate with this global fame. The Facebook smartphone is scheduled for release by next year. Facebook has reportedly expanded the “Buffy” team and is also exploring new phone projects with a team of experienced engineers. The planned launch would open another front with internet search leader Google which is already into hardware via its $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility earlier this week.

According to NY Times reports, it would have more than 12 former Apple engineers hired by Facebook, many of whom experienced at least one on the iPhone and the iPad. This time, therefore, the intention seems more real than ever before and the elusive Facebook Phone could now really be in development.

The solution looks good overall, but not necessarily be suitable for Facebook, a recent poll, done for another in very difficult times, that is when Facebook was still being quoted on the stock exchange, has revealed that most users do not see anything interesting in a dedicated smartphone to Facebook, even if that offer unique features and advanced. We’ll see what happens then, especially if and when this Facebook Phone should ever see the light.


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