Facebook Messenger adds screen sharing over video calls on Android and iOS

Android and iOS users of Facebook Messenger will be able to share their screen via the app during video calling. In this way, users can show their photo gallery. This feature was previously available through the browser. Facebook writes that the feature works not only in one-to-one conversations, but also in group conversations with up to eight participants. Screen sharing also works in Messenger Rooms, allowing up to sixteen people to see the shared screen.

Facebook Messenger adds screen sharing

The tech company says it is now taking the feature to mobile users because it “makes people more connected”, even when they are physically far apart. The screen sharing feature allows users to see what’s currently on the user’s split screen. That way, a user can show photos to a family member or friend. Facebook also mentions the examples of shopping together and social media browsing together.

Messenger Rooms hosts will also soon have the ability to control who can share the screen in a chat and who cannot. For example, the host can restrict screen sharing to only himself, but the host can also choose to allow it for everyone. Later, it should also be possible to share a screen with Fifty users in a Room.