Facebook Is Merging Instagram and Messenger Chats

For the technical unification of its messaging services, the merger between Messenger and Facebook’s Instagram seems to be starting. According to the reports, Instagram users on Android and iOS saw a screen pop up to alert them of such an upcoming possibility.

Facebook to merger Instagram and Messenger chats

It is also accompanied by information about some other small novelties with a more colorful makeover, emojis for reactions, swipe to reply to a message. The icon for direct messages also takes the form of Messenger.

For the moment, it seems to be mainly a question of an optional update of the Instagram application in order to integrate Messenger features and not the other way around.

Facebook merge Instagram and Messenger chats

Anyway, this is a tangible sign for the last steps concerning the reconciliation of messaging services on Instagram, Messenger, but also WhatsApp. In other words, the famous fusion of their technical infrastructure.

This unified messaging platform for popular apps from Mark Zuckerberg’s group – and labeled from Facebook – should ultimately benefit from end-to-end encryption. The interplay between such messaging applications raises concerns for competition and for data overlap.