EraThink EraPalm 5-inch Tablet

EraPalm is a tablet (or a MID) from 5 inches devoted to gaming. The device is equipped with an Intel Atom (it is unclear what the exact model) and has an operating system is still not clearly identified, although in all probability is a version of Windows 7 from Microsoft. The touch-sensitive display operates at a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and has an HDMI output for shifting the contents to a TV in high definition.

It also has a more traditional video VGA output. According to preliminary information that has been circulating on the Net, EraPalm provides a USB port that can be useful for uploading content, or to connect compatible devices. Furthermore, it lacks a 3G module for connectivity and an integrated GPS receiver to know their location and use, where appropriate, satellite navigation software.

The device, which offers a Gigabit LAN network adapter for connecting to wired networks, has a slide keyboard, hidden under the display. On either side of the structure are located classic buttons that are needed during the Games. Indeed, at present, you can not say much more. Not many other details were leaked and not official information is known about the availability and price of launch.

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