EA reportedly plans to announce the Mass Effect trilogy remaster in October

EA reportedly plans to announce a remaster of the Mass Effect Trilogy in early October and release it later the same month. There have been rumors of remasters of the first three games in the series for some time.

Mass Effect Trilogy remaster

GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb says in the GamesBeat Decides podcast that EA planned to announce and release the remasters in October at least until last week. He does keep a close eye on it and emphasizes that it is 2020. He is probably referring to the corona crisis and the many games that have been postponed because of this.

According to Grubb, the remaster of the three Mass Effect games will cost $ 60 and the collection should become a major title for EA in the fall, along with Star Wars: Squadrons, the starfighter game that will also be released in October.

Details about the remaster of the Mass Effect Trilogy are not yet available, but there have been rumors about its arrival for some time. In an annual report, EA reported that it was already working on an ‘HD title’ based on an existing game. That annual report showed that the title would at least be released before March 2021.

It is not yet certain whether they are full remakes or remasters that use the original base and improvements have been made. It is probably the latter, because the original games are not very old yet. The three games were released between 2007 and 2012.

PC gamers can already graphically polish the original Mass Effect games with mods created by the community. There is the mod A Lot Of Textures, or Alot, for the three games. That mod contains textures in a high resolution, which improves the image quality.