Drakensang: The River of Time Game Review

Available for ages in his native Germany, Drakensang: The River of Time is finally on our side of the Rhine to us back with pleasure in the universe (and playing) of The Black Eye. This episode always signed by Radon Labs invites us into a bag of political-criminal node along the Grand River, just over twenty years before the events of Drakensang: The Black Eye .

Black is black

Roleplaying paper released in 1984 in neighboring Germany, Das Schwarze Auge is once again adapted faithfully by Radon Labs for this new Drakensang which takes not only the universe but also the rules. We therefore begin our adventure in the most classical or by dipping the nose in a particularly dense character sheet (though a simplified mode is present for those who do not want to bother) noting the two new classes introduced since Drakensang: The Black Eye. We also discover a physical customization a little more thrust than before for our avatars, even though all this is very sketchy in the absolute. This administrative formality hardly over, we immediately landed close to the company of adventurers strangely familiar, with a whole world to discover.

No sooner will there be time to establish a foothold that we will find ourselves attacked by a gang of fearsome pirates, an ideal opportunity to resume the gameplay of the series in hand. We find the sudden the camera floating rather strange the first game and the system break “to Baldur’s Gate “which exploits the depth of the rules of The Black Eye to triumph over our enemies. As often in the titles adapted directly from paper RPGs, you inherit an inertia not always very elegant in fights with characters that look in the eye for several seconds before hitting until the virtual dice are started by the game.

The strategic requirement clashes prevent us, however, pointed out such details as it will really manage our entire group (always composed of four controllable characters and a possible additional guest) by hand to defeat the initiatives of the IA confines itself to head down to look silly or thumbs. The ability to create chains of steps required in order for our allies to direct all these people without too many problems and will quickly become indispensable when fighting very nice boss .

Axis = Sword of course!

But since there is not that baston in life, Drakensang: The River of Time, we will also use quite often the depth of social interaction offered by the rules of The Black Eye. If Drakensang first name had the annoying tendency to always favor with axes in the teeth, The River of Time, we propose to choose frequently devious means to achieve our goals without shedding a single drop of blood. Whether to negotiate, to infiltrate rather than going headlong or even get our enemies against each other, we will usually choose the tool used to advance our main quest.

These methods will also often linked to one of our companions, since each has a strong character and appropriate policy preferences. Forgrimm the dwarf Grumpy promote obviously the hard way, and the thief rather seek to seduce or talk to them into his world, Ardo will rely on his avalanche of honorary titles to impress the nobility, etc, etc. It is clearly not cast as either provided or original, but each has enough charisma to quickly move into our group.

These different approaches to each problem should be enough to boost the replayability of Drakensang: The River of Time, which is further enhanced by the presence of different starting quests archetype chosen at the beginning of adventure. Despite this, we must admit that the game world is once again quite closed and those branches do not prevent the main quest to be a true corridor which will be difficult to leave. Epic adventure lovers who secretly dream of saving the world from an army of darkness led by any demon out of nowhere may regret the lack of ambition in the script of The River of Time, but frankly have appreciated this refreshing mission happens to be very important, without involving yet another pumped back of Lord of the Rings. A Song of Ice and Fire is good too. The writing of the many side quests are quite successful in all (although some are restricted to unavoidable courier deliveries) and fit perfectly to the slightly humorous cartoon flap adventure of the game becomes much more dense that in 2009 and it is not surprising to see a truly life downgraded since Drakensang: The Black Eye, even if you happen to still care for 20 to 30 hours depending on our tends to romping right to left.

Finally, the only real big drawback of Drakensang: The River of Time has little to do with the developers since it is found in the side of the French translation, partial (voices are in English) and itself rotten. Nonsense and completely misses the point when the game’s release, it prevented more to finish the adventure because of big crashes during some violent discussions. A hotfix has fortunately been released since then, although there is still a lot of work to arrive at a level slightly less in quality. If the English dubbing is clearly less catastrophic, they are still quite poor in the absolute opposite to those of the original German version which included more ambient dialogue spoken in most areas, where this version “English with traces of French words and poster that bubbles of text sadly silent. It is a pity that the rest of the construction is very good bill once again, with a graphics engine still as cute and very nice music.

Test Setup: Intel Core i7 930@2.80 GHz, 6 GB RAM, Radeon HD 5870


If you like old school adventure adapted from around the rules of role play and paper worlds fantasy nicely conventional and slightly humorous, then Drakensang: The River of Time is for you. Despite some pitfalls on the side of the AI and game worlds too fragmented to our taste, as Radon Labs easily convinces with its colorful characters, his plot and his small but heroic game system still effective. Unfortunately, this very nice set of German role has largely suffered from its crossing of the Rhine. Nothing prevents, however, on the bottom, to enjoy the sweetness of the good old times of yesteryear.


  • It’s always very nice
  • The rules of the Black Eye
  • Charismatic characters
  • A refreshing scenario
  • Particularly successful side quests
  • Bosses


  • The AI in the mass
  • That lack of loot
  • Game world too closed

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