Dell Unveils New Latitude 6430u Ultrabook

Dell has officially revealed Latitude 6430U, its first ultrabook for the business segment, which features an Intel Core i7-3667U, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD and equipped with several solutions and technologies perfect for the professional sector.

TheĀ Latitude 6430u ultrabook is combined with a chassis as elegant as robust, platform performance and other characteristics make it the ideal working companion for the professional pace with the times. The need for the two categories are partly different and so is necessary to provide a machine that is capable of responding effectively to the needs of the sector.

For this reason, Dell which already launched XPS 13 ultrabook few months ago, today officially revealed Latitude 6430U, a new interpretation of this category, more oriented to the professional world and in general to those who need to work and be productive in mobility.

Dell Latitude 6430U comes with the typical clean lines and soft solutions of American society. The shell is very stylish and is made of magnesium to combine strength and lightness. The color is black, but it is enlivened by a silver insert that covers the entire perimeter. The chassis is often approximately 20 mm and weighs 1.67 kg, measures to limit the category and not exactly matching those of the counterparts consumer but which are nevertheless of the Latitude a portable still very convenient to use in mobility, especially in view of the configuration.

The display has a diagonal of 14 inches and a HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, a standard solution for this kind of device, especially with the advent of Windows 8, but the ammunition to this ultrabook are other, starting hardware configuration. In fact we find the possibility to install several Intel Ivy Bridge processors, including the Core i7-3667U with a clock rate of 2 GHz. These will then be matched up to 8 GB of RAM and solid state drive 256 GB. Obviously lacks the optical drive, since the reduced thickness, but Dell will make available external solutions.

Dell also added a whole series of special characteristics purely directed to professional target, starting from the battery, which is replaceable unlike those of normal ultrabook, usually sealed inside the chassis. All processors then chosen support Intel vPro platform for the protection of sensitive data and remote management of any problems and malfunctions. To complete then there is still a biometric sensor for fingerprint, a SmartCard reader and security suite Dell Data Protection.

There is still no indication on the price of Dell Latitude 6430U but we know that it will be available on the same day of the launch of Windows 8, which is scheduled to hit shelves October 25.

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