Dell Notebook with Sandy Bridge

A few months ago, we reported the news on a flaw in the new Intel 6 Series, Cougar Point for Intel Huron River. The bug, which caused a decrease in performance of SATA 2, has been repaired by Intel and other manufacturers of notebook and desktop computers, they can quietly relist the new systems Sandy Bridge. Dell announced an expansion of the already extensive portfolio of products with Intel 6 Series.

The new products are available in the next six weeks will be integrated in the Inspiron family, with an innovative ultra-slim notebook and design in a format that will surprise. Dell is already delivering the widest range of systems Sandy Bridge than any other PC manufacturer. Dell, in fact was the first to re-introduce the revolutionary Intel 6 Series on 21st February, last year with the launch of high-performance XPS laptop 15:17. Only in the last two weeks, Dell has rapidly expanded the number of systems with Intel 6 Series to include Alienware desktops and laptops, in addition to your desktop for SMEs.

The products are customizable and available on their official website. In addition to Inspiron systems and ultra thin notebook, Dell will sell soon Sandy Bridge options for business customers, including many Latitude laptops, OptiPlex desktops and Precision workstations. After the announcement of Intel, Burd said that Dell has stopped shipments to the program immediately by offering various options to clients that included the ability to return the system to keep the system until a replacement is not available, or keep the order open until a new system is not available.

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