DarkSiders: Wrath of War Game Review

Do you like action? Do you like gore? Do you like flashy combos? Do you like a little dungeoning and puzzles? Do you like to cut down bosses the size of buildings? Do you like weapons? Do you like to sometimes take it easy and search for hidden stuff?

If you answer to all or most of the above is a YES! then , my friend, you are on the right track  coz let’s face it, you gonna love IT!

Darksiders- the latest feast from Vigil games has everything except the kitchen sink! Yes, it draws some inspiration from Devil may cry, Dark Sector , Portal , Legend of Zelda , God of War but then every game draws its inspiration from some other game. So, all is well until its fun.


There are 3 kingdoms – the land of man , heaven and hell. To protect the human race from the wrath of heaven and hell and hence maintain the balance, an ancient council known as the Charred Council keeps its continuous watch. To reinforce balance the Charred Council has four Horsemen of Apocalypse who would march against either of them and hence save the human race. Herein you play Wrath, one of those four Horsemen who is implicated in an act of treachery and stripped of his great power. And thus begins War’s journey of finding and destroying the one responsible for his predicament. Till the end, War gets to decapacitate angels and hell spawns, gigantic worms and many otherworldly bosses in various satisfying-brutal ways using a armory of weapons. Pure bliss!


War gets to play around with lots of different , cool weapons like the ChoasEater which is the default weapon of War, the Scythe  and lastly but not the least The tremor Gauntlet. Each weapon has its pros and cons depending on the situation and monsters. Each weapon powers up in combat and various new combos and wrath powers can be purchased (a la Devil May Cry) through orbs which is the in-game currency (a la God of War). Vulgrim a outcast demons sells upgrades and wrath powers for souls.There are other different equipments like the Abyssal chain which is used to hook against some surfaces, or the Crossblade which can be fired as a secondary ranged attack ( a la Dark Sector) or swapped with a gun. War can carry two weapons at a time and different enhancements can be attached to them which increase their attack or give some abilities (Setting fire to hit enemies or just give the sword a flaming look which looks pretty cool)

Graphics :

Graphics are pretty top notch but the non-availability of tweaking graphics is a little let down. Different monsters have different and very satisfying quicktime kill (a la God Of War)where War literally makes mincemeat of the opponent. Monsters and angels are well crafted and detailed to their tails or wing tips. Every sword swing, every hit, every hit blocked- all have  amazingly detailed sound effects which increase the immersion quotient to a great extent. The soundtrack is pretty eerie in some place and gothic in some and actually does justice to the location and situation. Hidden in-game are various different artifacts for which Vulgrim has an eye on- which in short can be traded for souls.

Boss monsters have amazing details and are not easy to defeat and require a particular strategy and are as huge as buildings clearly signify the mountain of trouble War is in. And in no time War shines.

All in all the graphics and soundtracks are top notch.

Pros :

  • Satisfying brutal combat.
  • Great soundtrack and graphics.
  • Great presentation.

Cons :

  • Seems very derivative at times.
  • Button mashing later on becomes a drag.

Tech5 Score :

A solid 8.5 where the pros literally decimate the cons. A must play for the action RPG fans.

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