Chromium OS running on a MacBook Air

An interesting alternative to chromebook comes from the Hexxeh website, which published a procedure to install the operating system Chrome OS on a MacBook Air from Apple. On the Hexxeh website, you can download a special version of the software specially designed to be hosted on the company’s device. Chromium makes MacBook Air running OS for each component of the MacBook with the exception of Bluetooth, not yet supported.

Chromium OS running on your MacBook Air:

Every piece of hardware works except for the Bluetooth, because Bluetooth isn’t supported by Chromium OS yet. The WiFi module, however, is perfectly usable as the graphics are fully accelerated via nVidia’s drivers. The touchpad seems to faithfully respond to commands given by the user. Scrolling sometimes it might be a tad slow but this is an unimportant detail. Battery life is probably slightly better than that of OS X.

The login screen takes about 22 seconds to load. In fact, many of these latter are used by EFI technology while boot takes only 6-7 seconds, taking advantage of the fastest solid state drive SSD MacBook Air base in the present . After the usual recommendations of caution, the author explains the procedure to complete the operation. After downloading the image file of the operating system, you must copy it onto a USB stick and plug the MacBook still off.

Then you have to hold down the “C” key while you power on the machine. From this point on, the place has a rather traditional installation procedure requiring only a few commands to be completed and to have a brand new Chrome OS on your MacBook Air.

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