Choiix unveils New Accessories for Mobile Devices

Choiix has made available new accessories for mobile devices, Fort iPower a portable charger for iPhone and iPod. Fort Power battery charger for iPhone 4 and Fort Solar Power also for iPhone 4.

Fort iPower is a rechargeable emergency battery charger suitable for the whole series of iPhone and iPod. Easy to carry around, with Fort iPower you will never lose an important call of work and will not stop playing when the battery is discharged. Made of high quality aluminum, has a sleek design and clean lines fit to complete your iPhone and iPod. The Choiix charger, was designed with five devices security guaranteed that will preserve your device from damage caused by the charging process. The package also contains a mini Fort iPower USB cable and a carrying case.

The portable battery charger for an iPhone 4 i.e. Choiix Fort Power is the best way to recharge an iPhone 4. Featuring a quality design and compact dimensions make it possible to charge the iPhone anytime and anywhere. Made of rigid material, while charging the handset can be used as a protective cover. Laterally, in the back, has four lights and a switch ON / OFF so the user can check the battery capacity at any time. The charger plugs into a mini USB cable when plugged into the iPhone 4 of the cover by sliding the switch on the back in the “on” position, where the mobile device will synchronize with iTunes through the USB data cable.

The Choiix Fort Solar Power for iPhone 4 is a portable charger that offers a dual opportunity to recharge. It is indeed possible to recharge the battery through the USB port or “keep it” through the solar panel on the back that works by absorbing energy. With the ON / OFF, the user can hold a charge of its iPhone 4 anytime and anywhere through the solar panel that works by absorbing energy. In addition, the button set to “On” allows you to automatically synchronize your mobile device with iTunes through the USB data cable.

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