Cheapest iPhone coming Soon

The headline made you feel excited. Right? Well it should; at least, to all those people who dream of owning an iPhone, someday in near future. Well, we assure you that the rest of this article is surely going to make you even better!

According to website, the cheapest iPhone is about to hit the market in august this year. The price of this cheap iPhone is expected to be Rs.15, 500 or $350 (sounds good) but only for the prepaid users.

Apple was thinking a lot about increasing their customer base as it solely concentrated on costly handsets made for a set of target audience who belong to the high income group. Moreover, android is also releasing low end handsets. Therefore, may be apple will come up with this low end handset as early as possible.

However, we don’t have any clue regarding the design of the phone, but we have come to know that it more likely to be iPhone 3GS.


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