Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 Users Can’t Uninstall the Edge Browser

Microsoft confirms that Windows 10 users will not be able to uninstall the new Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft posted this month, where it mentioned that the new Microsoft Edge browser, namely the Chromium-based one couldn’t be uninstall on Windows 10. The Redmond group indicates that it will no longer be possible to uninstall this web browser.

Microsoft Edge


Windows 10 gets Windows 7’s optional updates experience

With including drivers, optional updates for Windows 10 are making a comeback and with easy discovery. Since the last August 2020 security update for Windows 10, Microsoft has started rolling out a change to make it easier to discover optional updates. A change that is reminiscent of what was done with Windows 7.

Windows 10 logo


Google extends shutdown deadline for native Chrome apps

Google is revising its schedule for stopping Chrome Apps. Google is changing its roadmap for phasing out support for Chrome Apps on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS operating systems. Not to be confused with Chrome extensions and Progressive Web Apps.

64-bit Chrome for Android


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