Bloodline Champions Review

Before we begin this review, let me ask you guys a simple question. How many of you actually know someone who religiously plays DOTA? Well everyone I see. Capitalizing on the fiercely competitive DOTA type gameplay and fan base , many companies have come up with DOTA inspired games like Heroes of Newearth , League of legends , Demigod ,Avalon Heroes etc. And hence, have used the same gameplay model–Killing creeps, protecting the base, farming gold and ‘buying’ equipments. But, for those of you who are more into skill based gameplay rather than equipment based gameplay like me, DOTA doesn’t do justice.

Here, is where Bloodline Champion shines. Focusing more on skill based fierce PvP with absolutely NO equipment issues, this game rewards careful co-ordination and skill based strategy.


Gameplay :

Bloodline Champions basically needs the player to choose a character from various different ‘bloodlines’ specializing in different kinds of combat like melee , ranged, healer and tank- a standard MMO pick and pitting them against one another in 3 different settings.

Arena- Head to head matches (2v2 or 3v3 or 5v5)

Conquest- Holding objectives for a fixed duration.

Capture the flag – As the name implies.

Any WASD veteran would feel right at home with this game because all the skills are mouse and WASD centric. LMB for normal attack. RMB for strong attacks and QER for the other skills which each character has. And F is the ultimate finishing move which requires 100% energy. Energy is filled by using different moves. Very flashy and highly damaging. Players can also choose to use up stored energy by using powered-up versions of their basic moves which actually can turn the tide of the battle.

Graphics and BGM :

Graphics unlike in most MMO are a little tribal type – a welcome move. All characters look gritty and feel like they are here for a reason. BGM is a little eerie but gets boring quickly after a little while. Maps are available in small,large and medium versions and are very detailed- some feature huge animated poison plants too.

Revenue Model:

Like in most F2P games, BLC also has a cashshop. This cash-shop contains different avatars, titles and bloodlines to unlock and purchase. Firstly , the game features locked and unlocked bloodlines. Each week , 4 bloodlines are unlocked( Melee,ranged,healer and tank -1 each), while the others are locked and hence unplayable.

But, by purchasing a bloodline using bloodmoney (ingame money) or by using Funcom coins (bought using real money)a player can use his favorite bloodline whenever he wants. That’s a very compelling model.

As a veteran of PC games, it gives me immense pleasure to see a game which actually rewards skill and careful co-ordination over mindless equipment boasting and farming EXP. BLC focuses on that gamer who doesn’t play the game just to get through it but plays to master it. Just approximate month later, BLC has already inculcated a good fan base-which is a good sign for similar games.

Pros :

1.       Bloodline cycling per week is absolutely brilliant.

2.       Skill based gameplay.

3.       Breaks the DOTA mould.

4.       Ladder matches are very interesting.


1.       Hard to pickup for those new in this field.

2.       A little bland background score.

Tech5 Score : A Solid 8.5!

A SOLID 8.5!

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