BlackBerry’s Service Hiccups Spread

In less than 24 hours RIM has managed to solve a serious problem that has covered the online services for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Timely apology also came to its customers, both via press release on Facebook. If you live in the large commercial area identified by the acronym EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and are owners of a BlackBerry smartphone, you will definitely went into a panic yesterday because of the collapse of online services from RIM, which prevented from the other to receive and send mail and access to services such as Instant Messaging and the Internet, but today you have already noticed that the problem was solved.

Unfortunately, yesterday was one of those rare days when it happens. BlackBerry has not officially made ​​known the reasons of technical failure, it is assumed that failure of a router in a data center located RIM in Britain, but in any case the company was timely to intervene and resolve the discomfort in the shortest as possible.

Already after a few hours by the appearance of the first messages of failure by several users on Twitter, the Canadian company in fact had already issued a brief statement saying that they were aware of the problem. After 20 hours of the problem, at 7:50 this morning, a new, synthetic release has finally closed the incident, indicating that the fault had been repaired and that the services had been restored.

  • Update: It seems that the problems are not completely resolved. Some users in the EMEA are continuing to inefficiencies in the mail, despite Reserch in Motion had assured this morning that they had identified the cause and solved the problem.


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