BlackBerry Torch is wearing white

BlackBerry 9800 Torch is dyed in white to be fashionable and perfect in every situation. Smartphone top of the line, technologically advanced, clean design and minimal, thanks to a new nuance to the BlackBerry 9800 smartphone in white Torch can stand as an icon of style.

Perfect for the needs of consumers more and more social and equipped with all the tools that business users have long appreciated, the new device is the first smartphone from RIM’s famous keyboard to combine the experience of BlackBerry with a full touch screen. Whether you choose to type a message through the features of the capacitive screen and through the full-QWERTY keyboard, the BlackBerry 9800 smartphone in white Torch allows everyone to communicate with their world the way you like.

Torch White BlackBerry 9800 smartphone offers a perfect combination of form, function and practicality with performance above the top of the range that includes support for 3G networks, GPS and integrated Wi-Fi, 5MP camera and display together with a clear and bright. In addition, it has the potential social functions that include intuitive, such as Feed the social, which simplify the management of social networks and RSS feeds, ensuring an integrated use of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other Instant Messaging applications, and Social Networking support.

Like all smartphones from RIM, including the BlackBerry 9800 smartphone white-Torch comes with the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), the exclusive chat room, currently used by more than 33 million users worldwide, which allows you to send images, voice messages or create chat groups or shared in real time.

Torch The BlackBerry 9800 smartphone supports the new white BlackBerry operating system 6, which allows a new and intriguing user experience: modern interface, greater ease of use and viewing experience more fluid and dynamic. BlackBerry 6 also has a new WebKit-based browser that displays HTML web pages quickly and faithful (as well as HTML mail). There are now the tabs to access multiple Web sites simultaneously and the “double-touch” allows the browser to indent the text on the page in an intelligent manner, maintaining the key elements of the screen.

Preview available at Vodafone stores and major chains specializing to 649 € (around Rs. 40,596/-) including VAT. Customers can sign up with Vodafone subscription offering “More Smart with Vodafone to 29 € per month for 30 months, including Internet traffic.




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