BioShock 2.

Once again welcome to the underwater world where towering skyscrapers,huge hotels and dark dungeon-ish feel are the norm. We call this place Rapture!

A recap:-

Andrew Ryan built the underwater city of Rapture to be the first true Utopia. While living there, a member of his team found a species of sea slug, which excreted a substance called ADAM that allowed instantaneous genetic modification; ADAM allows you to purchase Plasmids which allow for a wide-range of abilities, such as shooting fire or ice from your hands or telekinesis and hypnotism . To harvest and process this material, young girls were turned into mobile ADAM refiners called Little Sisters, and armour clad bodyguards were made to protect them which are called as Big Daddies. And the Little Sisters needed them because of the ADAM-addicted Rapture citizens called splicers who still patrol the mostly abandoned city searching for more ADAM.

BioShock 2,set in Rapture after 10 years from BioShock 1 , shows Rapture in a even more state of decline as Ryan is no longer in charge and the city is now filled with wandering Big daddies and splicers looking for even more ADAM. You are put in the boots of a supposedly dead Daddy called Delta. And you mission to to reunite with your little sister called Elanor which in fact is Sofia Lamb’s daughter. Sophia Lamb is the main protagonist in BioShock 2 who plays a ruthless, smart-ass and persuasive character. Her dialogues are well written and actually make you hate her even more as she commands wave of splicers to attack you from all sides with her favorite “family” centric quotes. Sofia’s voice haunts you at every nook and corner which feels overly familiar. Sophia has been replacing the Little sisters which the player took out in BioShock 1 by kidnapping small girls from the surface. You can learn a lot about the story by finding and playing the audio dairies strewn in each level.


The developers , 2K games and 2K Marlin have made lots of improvements in the game. You can now use a plasmid and a weapon together. Now more swapping guns just to stun a splicer. You can now research a splicer while attacking it as your research camera has been upgraded to a video camera. And yes, the Big Sisters!. Big Sisters are bodyguards which were made to kill defected Big Daddies and they really prove to be challenging. And now you have this huge drill which you can use as a melee attack, which is highly powerful once you choose the correct mix of tonics. And now as a Big Daddy , you can adopt a Little Sister ( for which you have to defeat a fellow Big Daddy ), and use her to collect ADAM for you. This involves making the Little Sister find a juicy ADAM-rich corpse and letting her harvest it while standing guard against splicers who are drawn to the smell of ADAM like bees to honey. This feels epic in the beginning but gets monotonous as you approach the half of the game. But you can choose to harvest the Little Sister which gives you more ADAM and ultimately more plasmids to buy. The choice is left to the player.

The plasmid and weapon upgrades have added a new layer to the combat system. For example: If you power up your Insect Swarm to the max level then the swarm will not only stun enemies but anyone killed by the swarm will spawn a bomb which will infect adjoining enemies. While after you max your shotgun , each shell can inflict lightning damage as well.

In-spite of this, Rapture feels overly familiar. The graphics have more darker overtones but they are quite similar to BioShock 1. Its eerie to see scribbled messages written by Elanor as well as by the splicers themselves. Rapture may not be as mysterious and intriguing this second time around, but it is nonetheless host to a powerful and moving tale that allows you to realize Sofia’s perverse ways and rescuing Elanor from her hands as completing your mission. New players may feel out of place but they are sure to enjoy “the paradise lost ” while old players may feel like they have done all this before. What was effect of the ending of BioShock 1 remains unknown ,which is a letdown.

Still, BioShock 2 is entertaining and the new perks splice the combat to a new height. Regardless of whether or not this is a return visit to paradise lost, there is plenty to be found here to make it a worthwhile, meaningful, and compelling one.


Combat is entertaining and there are lots of different ways to take down the enemy.
Gorgeous graphics.
Terrific Voice acting.
Innovative and effective storytelling.
Drill is awesome.


The Big Daddy feels pretty weak in the armor.
Feels rehashed at times.
A weak story.

Tech5 Score: 8/10.

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