Attorney General Barr accuses Hollywood, Big Tech of collaborating with China

The United States has criticized major technology companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft. According to the Ministry of Justice, companies are “too willing” when it comes to doing business in China and keeping the communist party as friends.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr

The statements come from William Barr, the United States Secretary of Justice, who lashed out at major U.S. companies during a speech in Michigan. Google, Apple and Microsoft, among others, are said to have yielded too much to the demands of the Chinese government, the Chinese rulers are known to censor information access. According to Barr, the companies are going too far in their concessions to access the Chinese market.

Among other things, Barr accused that Apple iPhones “wouldn’t be sold (in China) if they were impervious to penetration by Chinese authorities.”Incidentally, Hollywood companies also suffered, movie studios are said to impose too much censorship on themselves to befriend the Chinese government.

Barr’s statements come at a time when there are many tensions between the United States and China. It started with a trade war, after which the outbreak of the global virus outbreak frequently accused China of suppressing information about the seriousness of the situation by President Trump. There is also a protracted conflict about Huawei, which the US sees as a security risk.