Asus Smartphone with Windows 7 Phone

Although in the past, the collaboration between Microsoft and Asus have created products that have not always met the expectations of the producer, the giant Taiwanese would still planning to ride the wave of new Windows smartphone with providing the design of the new operating system of the giant Redmond. It’s still rumors, but no details confirmed I wonder if the wedding fair features the two companies in the desktop and notebook, not posing replicated to the mobile sector.

Recall that Asus did not have a great enthusiasm at the official launch of Windows 7 Phone. It was one of the companies, at least initially, they are apathetic, investing in other options. But things change. Nokia knows, for example, recently, that has made an agreement with Microsoft for its production of Windows smartphones Phone 7. And ‘the likely assumption that Asus will assess the impact of the operating system operators and major markets before deciding definitively.

According to Benson Lin Asus, some smartphones have been in production in the past but you are never marketed because of business decisions. Since, therefore, is not yet defined the company’s strategy towards Windows 7 Phone, you just have to wait for the near future to assess whether this association will take place, and to what extent.

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