Asus NX90 Notebook with Swarovski Crystals

When style meets technology creations are born special, the kind that leave their mark on an emotional level. After all, the combination of Swarovski crystals and notebooks might at first seem rather daring, but the result is under the eye of all. Crystallize Your Design, in fact brought forward with great enthusiasm, a project that has seen a star Asus NX90.

For the occasion, the laptop was covered by more than 40 000 Swarovski crystals, which reproduce, on the chassis, the famous work of art “Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo located, in reality, in the Sistine Chapel.

The result is extraordinary. A play of light and brilliance truly exceptional. The reproduction of the painting through the use of selected high-quality crystals, is without doubt a particular idea and bizarre, bound to have some impact. Obviously this is an exclusive version of Asus NX90 that boasts a real aesthetic involvement. From a technical standpoint, however, the specs are exactly the same as the traditional model. Remember among other things, the weblog Bang & Olufsen audio system that contributes to the creation of high-impact sound atmospheres.

On the other hand, Asus NX90 is not the only notebook to have suffered the charm of Swarovski crystals. Last year, for example, we also talked about a special edition of MSI Wind U135DX on whose cover some crystals were embedded. Nothing comparable to Crystallize Your project design is intended, but this approach does not represent an absolute novelty.

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