Arnova launches three tablets designed by Archos

Archos, optimistic about the results recorded at the end of 2010, might continue this year too. In addition to devices already on the market by the French company, Archos will launch a new signature series Arnova, which is the new name of its subsidiary in Hong Kong. We do not have much information on these tablets at the moment, but we know it will adopt the Android OS and will be offering three versions, 7, 8 and 10 inches.

Arnova 7 will be priced between 99 and 199 €, Arnova 8 will be sold at a price between 129 and 199 euro, while 10 Arnova will be sold from 199 to 249 €. As reported by colleagues from , Arnova 8 should integrate an ARM Cortex-A8 Rockchip RK291 1GHz, up to 8GB storage and capacitive screens.

The 10-inch version, Archos promises a high definition display and a camera dedicated to video conferencing, as well as the presence of a USB port that allows you to connect a keyboard or an external hard drive. The 8-inch version will be devoted to mobility and will have a 4:3 screen format. LI 7-inch model, however, will be directed to use home, family. This repositioning, which looks identical to the current Archos tablet, take the manufacturer to market its device.

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