Archos 7c Home Tablet Android 3.0 and Rockchip 2918

Archos is ready to introduce a new tablet called Archos 7c, an updated version of one currently available. The new model will be launched this summer, probably in June or July, and is equipped with an operating system Google Android 3.0 HoneyComb specially designed for use in combination with devices of this type and we will take the place Version 2.3 of Gingerbread.

The Archos tablet, which features a 7-inch form factor as the brand name so easily understood, has Rockchip 2918 ARM Cortex A8 processor, 1.2 GHz and uses a display based on capacitive technology with a native resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. A look at the technical specifications of the tablet can observe the presence of a storage of 8 GB expandable memory cards and ordinary WiFi connection, which is essential for access to the Internet through the attachment of wireless networks.

A USB 2.0 port makes it easy to upload any content that can be worn everywhere. There is little other information, but it is quite reasonable to think that, in addition to updating the operating system and processor, the rest of the technical specifications remains substantially unaltered. E ‘can be found Archos 7c preorder at a price of approximately $ 219 related to the version with the previous operating system.

The current price of the tablet, however, should not deviate too much from this, making this tablet actually pretty interesting especially for those who want to buy such a device to start to take its first steps in the area. At the same time remember that the manufacturer has recently introduced on the Italian market the tablet Archos Arnova 10-inch at a cost of € 199.

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