Apple To Ship 14 Million iPads In Q3 2011

As competition bravely tries to exceed one million tablets supplied by quarter, Apple aggressive placing orders for more than 12 million iPad 2 tablets in the third quarter 2011.

After a slower start than expected in the second quarter, caused in part by the disruption of suppliers after the earthquake of March 11 in Japan, Apple is going into overdrive in the third quarter.

The return period is conducive to holiday purchases of electronic equipment, including the United States, and the group of Cupertino has placed an order for the assembly of 12 to 14 million iPad 2 tablets in the third quarter, against 7-9000000 the second quarter.

To achieve this, Apple has large stocks of components in the second quarter to reduce the risk of shortages which, although less threatening than in 2010, remains a concern on the segments of smartphones and tablets.


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