Apple to launch next iPhones a ‘few weeks later’ than usual

Apple will release its next iPhones a few weeks later than usual, this year. The company announced this in its discussion of the quarterly figures. Qualcomm and Broadcom had already hinted that the release of iPhones would be later this year.

Apple next iPhones delayed

In discussing the quarterly results, finance director Luca Maestri says the release of the new iPhones will take place later. “Last year we released a new iPhone at the end of September. This year, our stock will only be a few weeks later than that.” That indicates an October release, as the rumors already were.

Apple thereby confirms the information that Broadcom and Qualcomm provided in covered terms. Apple confirms the postponement because it needs to adjust its estimate of sales for the coming months. Apple will therefore deliver fewer iPhones in the period up to and including the end of September than usual, but expect all those deliveries to take place from October.

Over the past eight years, at least one iPhone model has been released in September. In September 2011, no Apple smartphone appeared; the iPhone 4s followed in October. Apple did release the iPhone X in November in 2017, although the iPhone 8 came on the market in September. The XR also came later in 2018 than the usual release in September.