Apple Reportedly Preparing 5nm GPUs For 2H 2021

The rumor of the development of a GPU internally at Apple remains alive and could materialize with a first component engraved in 5nm from next year.

Apple Reportedly Preparing 5nm GPUs

The giant, Apple once again said that it likes to make things by yourself when it announces that its Mac computers will switch from Intel processors to its own “Apple Silicon” ARM processors in the next two years.

For mobile devices, from Apple Watch to iPhone and iPad, the company also designs the application processor cores of its devices itself, which allows it to finely adapt the hardware to its platforms. -software forms.

This desire for internal design could also concern the graphics part of its future Mac computers with the development of an internal GPU. This would be the Lifuka project integrated into the larger Apple Silicon program and things would go so well that it could be unveiled as early as the second half of 2021.

Apple Silicon

The Commercial Times publication claims that Apple’s GPU will exploit the 5nm engraving of Taiwanese foundry TSMC and that it will offer better performance per watt than products on the market.

After Intel for processors, the Californian firm could therefore also ignore the GPUs of AMD, yet a long-time partner. Project Lifuka’s GPU would use the same Tile-Based Deferred Rendering ( TBDR ) technology as Imagination Technologies PowerVR GPUs , which Apple is familiar with having used them regularly for its iPhones and iPads in recent years.

The Commercial Times finally suggests that the exclusion of Huawei as a TSMC customer opens up capabilities for 5nm engraving that can be leveraged for Apple’s Lifuka project.