Apple Releases iOS Remote Diagnostic Service

Apple will soon launch a new service, which remotely iPhone, iPhone or iPod Touch users can be repaired. The new service works via the Internet and can quickly diagnose the problem and in some cases a solution.

By scanning iDevices can see exactly what the tool is exactly wrong device and how it must be solved. As a user you can submit a request online for your Apple device to scan. Of this you get an e-mail and confirm if you will have your Apple iPhone, iPhone or iPod Touch to scan for potential problems.

The information then gets Apple include usage patterns, temperature warnings, serial number and memory usage. This would be the easiest way for people to help without having to go somewhere to get tested for their iDevice. If a hardware problem is found, you will obviously still need to the store, but for software problems, the agency may be many solutions. In addition, data of great importance to the technical department of Apple. The service will be available within several months.


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