Apple pays $9.75 million to settle lawsuit over Powerbeats2 charging issues

Apple has settled a lawsuit in the United States in which it will pay owners of Powerbeats 2 earplugs in damages for alleged malfunctioning. An amount of nearly $ 10 million has been reserved for this.

Powerbeats 2 earplugs

Americans who want to file a claim can do so on the specially designed website, MacRumors discoveredThey must have purchased the Powerbeats 2 earbuds by August 7, and can submit the application by November 20. Only Americans have the option to file a claim. On January 21, a court hearing in California will be held to determine whether the payout procedure has been conducted properly and fairly.

This is a lawsuit that was filed against Apple in 2017 for the alleged malfunctioning of the Powerbeats 2 earbuds. Customers had complained that the earplugs lost battery capacity quickly, were bad against sweat and other moisture and had poor build quality.

An amount of $ 9.75 million has been set aside for the payout to be divided between the customers who have purchased and claimed Powerbeats 2 earplugs. The judicial costs must also be deducted from this. Also part of the settlement is that Apple doesn’t have to admit there was anything wrong with the Powerbeats 2, the manufacturer has decided that settling the case is a cheaper option than continuing legal proceedings.