Apple might launch the iPad Air 4 in March 2021 with the A14 processor

The iPad Air 4 would be well in the pipes but it would not see the light of day before spring 2021, but with an Apple A14 SoC on board. Apple will eventually offer an evolution of its iPad Air tablet but the next version would not arrive before March 2021.

iPad Air 4

According to the MyDrivers site, the touchscreen tablet will offer an 11-inch display (or 10.8 inches according to others sources) Liquid Retina with reduced borders.

We will also find an Apple A14 SoC engraved in 5 nm, like the iPhone 12 expected in September / October. Several memory configurations will be offered: 128/256/512 GB.

Apple iPad Air 4

The rumor of a replacement of the Lightning connector by USB-C remains valid and a Smart Connector would be present on the edge to connect accessories, and in particular a Magic Keyboard dock / keyboard.

Many of these features were more of the iPad Pro and the iPad Air would change status to position itself as an intermediate mid-range proposition, between premium tablets and iPads placed at first price.

In terms of price, the iPad Air 4 could see its starting price increase to $ 650, instead of $ 500 for the current model. As for the iPad Pro, we are expecting something new at the start of the school year, but we will probably have to wait until next year to see the first tablets with Mini-LED display land, and more for micro devices -LED.