Apple May Introduce a Low Cost “iPhone-Nano”

The smartphone market has recovered strongly in recent months, despite the crisis, especially with the top of the line segment. The future phase of growth, instead, invest the low-cost smartphone. Nokia has long held a strategy for its Symbian platform, responsible for the development of Android have announced similar projects for the mobile platform from Google several months ago, while the processor manufacturers have proven hardware platforms for low-cost smartphone.

To counter these efforts, Apple is preparing a low-cost iPhone. As revealed Bloomberg terminal Cupertino will be more compact and less expensive than the original. The strategy would aim to halt the advance of smartphone platforms (such as Android or Symbian) on the entry level. The low-cost iPhone for any individual would cost around $ 200 (around Rs. 9119/-), making it possible to propose the same price as Android smartphone in the United States, with the advantage of not being tied to any operator.

Its launch is planned for the second half of 2011 (maybe 5 at the side of the iPhone?) But the project does not have any confirmation. Bloomberg also noted that the terminal is smaller than a third compared to current iPhone and will have no Home button. Some sources, in fact, suggest that Apple is trying to eliminate the only button on the front of the smartphone and replaced with touch-screen specific.

Among the rumors, it also appears that Apple has provided an iPhone dual mode, at the same time compatible with GSM / UMTS and CDMA2000, thanks to a modem, Qualcomm already on the market.

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