Apple may cut costs on minor components for iPhone 12

For its iPhone 12, Apple would have sought to make the least savings in order to maintain a selling price similar to the previous generation. While the price may increase for the iPhone 12 between 50 and 100 euros, even though smartphones will be delivered without charger or headphones, we learn that the bill could have been much higher.

Apple iPhone 12

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple would have tried to save the slightest penny during the manufacture of its iPhone 12, always in order to avoid inflating the note too much, even though the market is not really looking good, and that the brand is precisely seeking to make itself more accessible by breaking away from its elitist label.

The analyst thus evokes the sacrifices made at the level of the battery which would be much simpler than on iPhone 11 with the advantage of wanting to be 40 to 50% cheaper. The few changes in the design would also have reduced some costs.

Ming-Chi Kuo explains that in return, the integration of the 5G chip entails significant expenses, just like OLED screens. Removing the chargers and headphones from the smartphone boxes would also save a few euros. But overall, the brand should achieve a nice operation with a high margin while maintaining a limited price increase. Apple will remain the only one, saving money in this game and we can’t wait to know what other sacrifices have been made, and whether the autonomy of the device will convince .