Apple MacBook Pro laptop with Light Peak Technology

Although the standard USB 3.0 (4.8Gbit / s) began to spread early last year on the hardware platforms for consumer-market, Intel plans to obscure this technology with the introduction of Light Peak. During the Developer Conference in September 2009 (Intel Developer Forum), the American chip maker had intrigued the audience with a demonstration of Intel Light Peak on a computer running Mac OS X.

After a little over a year, Apple said it will adopt this technology and that an announcement will be released very soon. Some rumors fix the date for this important announcement at the very end of the week, with the upgrade of the MacBook Pro . In the past, Intel had stated that the first products Peak Light would come on the market for early 2011 . In Cupertino, Light Peak lose perhaps its code name, calling in a different way.

However remain a technology that uses a fiber optic connection, with connector of the same size of a USB. The transmission of data can take up to a radius of 100 meters and raggiungere10 gigabits (bidirectional). The speed of 100 Gbit / s is expected in the next 10 years. The Light Peak of the first prototype will be built with copper cables and fiber optics.

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