Apple MacBook Pro Gets a Gold and Diamond Makeover

Computer Choppers has unveiled a new redesign of the MacBook Pro with gold and diamonds. So if you are fond of gold, then you need to spend a little more, coz this might be your ideal next laptop! With its shiny gold plating and diamond-encrusted Apple logo, the MacBook Pro is no doubt qualified already as a luxury PC.  It will be showed from 10-13 October in Dubai at the Gitex conference.

The laptop is fully equipped with 24 carat gold. The gold plating is finished with a typical paisley pattern, which might not attract some of you out there. But no worries because Computer Choppers can customize the pattern according to your very own taste!

Only the Apple logo on the lid is not gold. The details about the products are scarce, but Computer Choppers have offered gold MacBook Pros in all three sizes before – 13, 15 and 17-inch – so it’s safe to assume that the new customizable golden MacBook Pro will be available with the specifications of your choosing.

Computer Choppers provided the price only to interested parties. The company does not want to be known as the company with the most expensive laptop in the world or something like that.

No special info about the price has been given, but it’s not far-fetched to assume that the price will be beyond most people’s budget. An iPad made of gold, created by UK-based luxury gadget maker may costs around $189,000. Judge for yourself whether you like it or not.


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