Apple Launches iPad 2 with Dual Core A5 Processor

With the announcement of the first iPad tablet, Apple has proposed a custom processor for its device. iPad, but four iPhone and iPod Touch 4G, Apple have the same processor A4 (at different frequencies depending on the device). It is based on ARM Cortex A8, whose core is provided by Samsung and optimized according to the needs of Apple. This CPU offers a good compromise between performance and power consumption.

With iPad 2, a new generation of processors, Apple A5, which (like its predecessor) will be installed later this year on all Apple products, the future iPhone iPod Touch. This time, the CPU is based on ARM Cortex A9 (although there is no confirmation on this), that lets you manage two cores at 1GHz, with special optimizations. During the presentation, in fact, Steve Jobs pointed out that the processor is more efficient (two times more than Apple A4 for energy consumption based) and more powerful thanks to its graphics chip.

The first reviews and disassembly of iPad 2 will be very interesting, because it allows us to discuss some choices to Apple Dual Core synchronous or asynchronous, such as core, RAM memory, type of GPU used etc.



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