Apple iPad 2 Is Coming in White

Two days after the official launch of Apple iPad 2, rumors on the second generation of tablet multiply with interesting details. Today, our colleagues 9 to 5 Mac (usually well informed about the products Apple) have published two pictures of the frame of the future iPad, one black and one white. If the photographs were to be confirmed, the future of Apple iPad 2 could be available in two colors, in an unprecedented white.

Looking at the pictures, which is visible in the upper frame a small pinhole camera that will allow the integration of FaceTime. The same hole is also present in black frame, perfectly equal. Currently, iPad 2 is presented as one of the best tablet expected more power, more autonomy and new and innovative technical solutions. 2 white Apple iPad will be available, such as the black version, immediately after the launch of the device.

Although there is no confirmation about it, Apple could also decide to launch during the special event set for March 2, the white version of the iPhone waiting four months now.


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