Apple introduces Mac OS X 10.7 Lion with Launchpad, Mail and Airdrop

Yesterday, Apple announced some new features of its operating system Mac OS X 10.7, which will be launched to the general public and planned for summer 2011. A first beta version was made available to developers, members of the Mac Developer Program, in order to start working on the implementation of programs and applications that can benefit from new features of Lion. The first beta version of Mac OS X Lion demonstrates the importance of IOS for engineers and developers of Apple.

The slogan adopted by the company’s apple leaves no doubt about the influence impressed by the development of iPhone and iPad, “The power of Mac OS X. The magic of iPad”, sums up Apple on its presentation page dedicated to Lion. Among the new features, we find that Launchpad will display on screen the applications installed on the machine, as in the case of IOS Springboard. The apps can be used full screen, new gestures can be adopted and automatic data backup.

Applications can take advantage of the resume mode, allowing the user to find the software in the last active state, after a reboot or an upgrade. Mail, the e-mail software for the switch to version 5, with a new interface inspired strongly to the messaging client of the iPad. The method of sharing files between machines on the same local network was renamed as the Airdrop, and should work in an extremely simplified.

Apple also reports an update to the new version of FileVault, the instrument of data decoding of the Mac OS, but also the integration of Mac OS X Server directly in the Lion.

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