App Store – Amazon beats Apple for now

Since the opening of Amazon Appstore portal, offering Android applications, Apple has always opposed the use of the term “app store” claiming his paternity. To Apple’s App Store is a site for download of mobile applications and can not be used by other companies with the same meaning. Amazon, supported by other companies, has rebelled against pointing out that the term “app store” is generic, and for this reason can not be used by one company.

Apple, which wants to keep everything for themselve’s use of the app store, then filed a request for an injunction against the use of the term belief that customers might get confused between the two portals at the expense of Apple. A few days ago, however, the California court rejected the request of Cupertino, while stressing that the term is not “completely” generic as Apple has helped to give a particular meaning to the word with the launch of the App Store in July 2008.

According to the court, in addition, Apple does not run any risk of confusion, the two portals are completely different. The applications are sent to two different clienteles (the one with IOS and the other with Android – two incompatible systems), so the damage caused consumer confusion and would be very limited. Amazon can therefore continue to use the term Amazon appstore until trial, which will take place by October 2012 and will decide on the potential violation.

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