Android Applications Coming to PlayBook

Research in Motion confirmed that the playbook tablet support Android mobile applications in addition to the BlackBerry Java software. This is not exactly a surprise, but the announcement of support for Android applications on the playbook tablet, RIM confirms the strategic direction taken by the Canadian producer to have quickly a large catalog of apps.

RIM will propose two “players app” that will run the BlackBerry Java applications and applications downloaded from its portal Android 2.3 Blackberry App World, until a new NDK will develop applications in C / C + +.

The manufacturer claims it will be easy to bring a BlackBerry Java software on Android and vice versa, as well as “player app” will be available for download on its App Store. After you install applications on a playbook, will be implemented in a secure sandbox that will allow their operation on a Blackberry Tablet OS. The developers will just have to recompile their applications before deploying Java or Android on the RIM site, thus ensuring the creation of a catalog full of apps.

In parallel RIM announced the upcoming availability of a NDK (Native Development Kit) for Blackberry Tablet OS that will allow you to develop applications for the platform directly in C / C + + development environments without using the web as Blackberry WebWorks to create native applications. Research in Motion announced an agreement with two companies developing applications and games: Ideaworks Labs, and Unity Technologies, which will include support for Blackberry Tablet OS, facilitating the installation of existing applications and creating specific applications.

The “apps players” playbook will be available for download on Blackberry App World by summer 2011, while NDK Tablet OS for Blackberry will soon release the beta.


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