AMD Ryzen 4000 smashes world record RAM speeds

Overclocker Bianbao achieved a DDR4 memory speed of 6666.6 megatransfers per second. That is a new world record. The overclocker reached this speed with a Crucial Ballistix Max memory module and a Renoir APU from AMD.

Ballistix Max memory

The Taiwanese overclocker used a system with an AMD Ryzen 7 4700GE apu, a ROG Strix B550-I Gaming motherboard from Asus, and a single Crucial memory module of 8GB. This achieved a speed of 3333.3MHz, which is equal to 6666.6MT / s.

Timings used in overclocking were 30-27-27-58-127-1. The clock speed of the CPU has also been reduced to approximately 1.89GHz, while the standard clock speed of a 4700GE is 3.10GHz. At the same time, the Vcore was 1.5V. The overclocker published the result on HWBot for validation.

The new overclocking record was achieved using LN 2 cooling. The previous DDR4 speed record was 6665.4MT / s and was also held by Bianbao. The overclocker reached this speed in May, in combination with an Intel Core i9-10900K and G.Skill Trident Z RGB memory. In September 2019 a memory speed of 6000MT / s was achieved for the first time by Toppc, another overclocker.