AMD Launches 64-Core Threadripper Pro for Workstation PCs

AMD announces its Threadripper Pro CPUs. The processors have eight channel memory and 128 pci e-lanes. The CPUs are only supplied to system builders, and Lenovo’s ThinkStation P620 is one of the first computers to be equipped with it.

AMD Threadripper Pro CPUs for Lenovo Pcs

The Threadripper Pro processors are for workstations and differ in several respects from the Threadripper processors previously released by AMD . For example, the Pro CPUs have support for eight-channel RAM, which may also be registered, and there are 128 PCI-e 4.0 lanes available. In addition, the processors have support for AMD Pro Technologies, AMD’s counterpart to Intel vPro. The CPUs will not be available separately, but will only be supplied to system builders.

AMD Threadripper Pro CPU

Lenovo claims to be the first system builder to integrate the Threadripper Pro processors and has developed a new model in the ThinkStation line for this purpose: the P620. The P620 can be equipped with a maximum of 64-core Threadripper Pro processor and gets a maximum of 512GB RAM at 3200MT / s on board. There is room for two double-slot video cards and in the fastest version, two Nvidia RTX 8000 GPUs. As far as storage is concerned, the motherboard has two m2 slots and there is also space for four 3.5 “drives. The whole is powered by a 1000W power supply.

Lenovo will deliver the ThinkStation P620 at the end of September. The price is not yet known, but the manufacturer is talking about a ‘clear price difference’ compared to an Intel system with about the same number of cores. Intel currently sells processors with up to 28 cores for workstations. So they have to run in duo setup to get close to the number of CPU cores of the Threadripper 3995WX.