Amazon Halo: a fitness band and app that scans your body and voice

Amazon introduces Amazon Halo Band and Amazon Halo. They are to help users improve their health and well-being. This involves in particular an analysis of the tone of the voice and a 3D modeling of the body.

Amazon Halo fitness band

Amazon unveils Amazon Halo touted as a new service to help users improve their health and well-being. It is based on an Amazon Halo Band connected bracelet and a mobile application providing access to a set of features. Amazon constantly emphasizes the use of artificial intelligence.

The connected bracelet (Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity) has the particularity of being without a screen, which involves displaying the data on the screen of a companion smartphone via an application. Water-resistant to 50 meters and with an interchangeable strap, it is equipped with an accelerometer, temperature sensor, heart rate monitor, two microphones which can be deactivated with a button and an LED indicator light.

Amazon Halo Band

The Amazon Halo Band bypasses Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity, and does not include a GPS module. It allows you to complete the usual activity and sleep monitoring functions.

The two microphones are not cut for compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant as one might think, but for analysis of the tone of the voice and to report an emotional state throughout. of the day.

This Tone feature “analyzes the energy and positivity in a user’s voice so that they can understand how they speak to others, which helps them improve their communication and relationships,” Amazon writes highlighting a tool of social welfare.

Jeff Bezos’ group thus boasts of its expertise in artificial intelligence with a suite of algorithms also used for a Body functionality to generate personalized 3D modeling of the user’s body, via a capture with the smartphone and the application.

Amazon Halo, a new wearable band

With the 3D modeling obtained, Amazon relies on machine learning to determine the percentage of body fat that would be reliable and being a better indicator of health than for example the body mass index (BMI) that anyone can calculate. Amazon recommends running scans every two weeks to observe trends.

Challenges (Labs) must in particular help the user to take charge of himself for the improvement of his health and well-being.

Amazon Halo, a new wearable band

Necessarily expected at the turn, Amazon provides guarantees in terms of confidentialityFor Tone, the voice recordings are analyzed locally, directly on the smartphone and automatically deleted after processing. For Body (with only adults), the scans are on the other hand processed in the cloud, then automatically deleted from the servers within 12 hours after sending to the smartphone.

The Halo profile is further separated from the Amazon account and the user has several tools to control their data. However, it is indeed Amazon and there is the possibility of linking (explicitly) an Amazon Halo account with third-party partner programs. Data from challenges is only shared in an anonymous and aggregated form.

For now, Amazon Halo availability is only for the US and as part of early access where the Halo Band bracelet is $ 64.99 (about Rs 4,800) for a limited time period and will later be increased to $99.99 (about Rs 7,400) with six months subscription included in it. For features like voice assistant and 3D body modeling, you will have to pay for $3.99 (about Rs 300) per month. Amazon Halo is only available in the United States at the moment. There is no word on international availability yet.

NB: The autonomy of the bracelet is up to 7 days without activating Tone and 2 days with it.