Amazon Announces Kindle Lending Library Service

Lending of ebooks library already exists, but it was not yet available for the Kindle reading light which is yet the most sold in the United States. The Amazon group addresses this gap by launching a service giving Kindle Lending Library can borrow ebooks readable on different models Kindle but also through mobile applications available on different platforms (IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Windows).

Whispersync Technology sync bookmarks and notes apply to these works on loan, it is also possible to annotate. If the user re-borrow or buy the ebook on Amazon portal, it will automatically find all the bookmarks and notes taken during the loan period.

A new feather in Kindle:

Amazon is working with OverDrive digital solutions provider to provide service Kindle Lending Library for public and school libraries in the United States. The U.S. group and catching his late compared to other providers ebook readers that use the ePub format, widely used, already allowed the lending of ebooks.

It is also an additional option available to Kindle users at a time when the digital tablets were also claims of ebook readers, despite their backlit display and low battery life compared to the electronic reading lights. The service will be launched later this year.

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