All-in-One Sony VAIO Touch HD Live

A few days ago we gave you the first news about the new series of All-in-One Touch HD The Sony VAIO PC / TV . The Japanese company has officially introduced products utilizing the stage at CES 2011 in Las Vegas, held the first week of January. Sony VAIO L represents the state of the art in the field of AIO able to combine an attractive design with a high technical level. Thanks to the careful construction, these all-in-One is perfect for any environment, from domestic to business.

Equipped with a multitouch display, the Sony VAIO L make the interaction with the operating system and various applications dedicated something innovative and immediate. Systems for the whole family, therefore, born under the star of multimedia. VAIO L Touch HD PC / TV has a large multitouch display with 24-inch diagonal able to work at a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (FullHD). The Japanese giant has made available four configurations.

The top model is equipped with an Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66GHz Q8400S by frequency, combined with an allocation of memory and a 6GB hard drive and 1TB 7200rpm. It ‘also a Blu-Ray and goes well with the character of the device is completely devoted to home entertainment. The video card is an Nvidia GeForce 240M GT with 1GB of dedicated memory. The budget also includes a convenient and practical in TV tuner.

Various models of the family L VAIO Touch HD PC / TV share most of the specifications. They offer five USB 2.0 ports for connecting many peripheral devices, Bluetooth, WiFi, LAN, multiformat card reader and HDMI input and composite. A precious VESA bracket allows mounting of the display wall to reduce the footprint of the device at all. Obviously you can place the All-in-One featured a traditional desktop or on a table.

VAIO L was enhanced by a custom interface that Sony called “Media Gallery” and allowing access to their content in a fast and fun. The operating system is proposed from the usual Windows 7 Home Premium, copy optimized for use on touchscreen systems. Sony VAIO L is bookable online store at the U.S. Sony to launch price of $ 1,200 9around Rs. 54,995/-) for entry-level consists of an Intel Pentium Dual Core E5400 2.70GHz, 4GB RAM, 320GB hard drive, reader Blu-Ray and G210M Nvidia GeForce video card with 512MB of dedicated memory.

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