ALK Announces Co-Pilot Live 9

ALK Technologies has unveiled a new version of its GPS navigation application for smartphones Copilot Live 9 and shelves.

The British ALK Technologies CoPilot Live 9 announced the new version of its GPS navigation application for smartphones and tablets. It benefits from a new user interface highlighting the touch controls for quick access to key functions of the application.

KLA has reworked its routing algorithm with a function Optimal Routes which offers three routes, with the possibility of the grant over a street or point of interest. CoPilot Live 9 also calls for every day its Live services, with ActiveTraffic to calculate the most suitable route based on traffic and the integration of Bing (local search).

CoPilot Live 9 is also in the social navigation with the ability to share their location with friends on Facebook and Twitter Tickets, or receive local information via Wikipedia or promotional offers from the service LocationPoint Navteq.

The application provides simplified maps in 2D and 3D display with aid lane changes and the arrival of a pedestrian mode and taking into account the subway stations in major cities. The mapping is on-board terminal which does not require having to connect to retrieve the various premium services but still require to be connected to the wireless network.

ALK CoPilot Live application 9 will be available on Android and iOS from the second quarter 2011 and will be downloadable from Android Market portals and App Store. It is also available in white label.

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