Alan Wake: The writer Xbox 360 Review

While the mystery Alan Wake had thickened at the end of the signal, the writer intends to put an end to the work of Remedy. Indeed, if the previous DLC relaunched the plot in their tracks, this latest episode is supposed to bring a conclusion to the game.

Alan, lost in the maze of her imagination, was able to come into contact with Zane. Now he must confront his demons to find better. If the signal was struggling to get going and felt a bit stupid and nasty recycling, writer transcends striking passages of the original game. This add-on comes into effect to bring impressive scenes without any dead time, and without ever sacrificing narrative or psychological dimension. Better still, the game design does not reflect the madness that seized the hero, he embodies it completely through sets tortured and phases of the game literally hallucinating.

Alas, if the writer is much more interesting than the signal in terms of gameplay sequences despite the little platforms tailored to the stupidity of Alan, the pleasure they provide falls like a souffle at the end of this DLC that resembles neither more nor less foutage of the mouth.

“All that for that?” Impossible not to be terribly disappointed by the final spin screenplay writer, which affects more Alan Wake that we sold the add-on as the conclusion of the game.


  • Sequences very successful
  • A game design madness


  • A conclusion totally missed and architectural disappointing
  • The side platforms

Tech 5 Score: 5/10.

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