Acer’s Windows Phone 7 Smartphones Coming This Year

Taiwan’s Acer group is rather a phase in Android right now but he will propose to turn smartphones Phone Windows 7 by the end of the year, said the head of the branch smartphones society.

Smartphones are a strategic sector for Taiwan’s Acer and he hopes it to a place of choice, despite the intense competition is at stake. He started this business in 2009 with a range of Windows Mobile devices but instead provided that suffered from the image of the mobile OS from Microsoft.

Meanwhile, Acer has shifted to Android with the Acer Liquid, who was the first smartphone to ship Android platform Snapdragon, Qualcomm and has been particularly well received, prompting the company to look further into this platform form.

She has since declined the Liquid range in addition to other models more or less oriented towards professional use messaging (Acer BeTouch E210), while offering a Liquid Mini to attack the entry-level segment of smartphones, with support operators, or Iconia Smart, which provides a true 21:9 display differentiating factor.

Android, Windows 7 Phone coming soon

But Acer has clearly not abandoned the idea of developing a range of devices under the new Windows 7 Phone and, as the branch responsible for smartphones in the group, Aymar de Lencquesaing, several sub WP7 Acer smartphones are expected in late of 2011.

The Taiwanese group has so far experienced sales correct but not yet at the level of expectations, mainly because of weakness in the North American market, Acer does not offer devices compatible with the CDMA2000 standard, used by two largest U.S. operators.

Acer should thus start from July to October each year for smartphones consolidate its position. But it should be noted that market conditions have changed since his arrival on the segment in the space of two years and then the sleeping giants of Samsung and LG Electronics have now taken the measure of the market with strong proposals.

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