Acer ARM-based Notebooks with Windows 8

Acer has no plans for the moment, to announce any notebooks based on ARM processors. The Taiwanese giant, in fact, decided to wait for the official launch of Windows 8. The consequence of this decision has been made more concrete at the annual meeting with the IFA in Berlin, where the manufacturer has confirmed these intentions.

Given the huge interest in the area of the tablet, which is creating difficulties for the netbook segment, Acer think that the combination of ARM solutions with Windows 8 may also be important from the point of view of “efficiency and cost reduction”. This could give some chance to counter the boom of digital tablets.

In recent months, Acer has focused on the production of chromebook, a notebook with Chrome OS operating system and development of its first Acer Aspire S3 ultrabook, presented at IFA 2011, which would provide much better performance in the face, of course, a price more. The sale of the Taiwanese company would ultrabook a greater margin of profit, which is useful to improve the negative results of the last quarter.

In conclusion, it seems that the first Acer ARM-based will be launched during the next year near the exit of Microsoft’s operating system. It is unclear whether there will be some surprises at the conference BUILD scheduled for September 13 to 16.


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