Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Six New Aircraft Revealed

Namco Bandai Games Inc. revealed today three helicopters and three new aircraft available in Ace Combat Assault Horizon, the new title of Project Aces for PlayStaton 3 and Xbox 360, which will be released in North America on October 11th and across Europe on October 14th 2011.

B-2 Spirit – Type B (Bomber)

Invisible strategic bomber capable of penetrating enemy territory without being detected by the radar and perform large-scale bombing.

The flying wing has no tail, something difficult to detect. He has given up some of the maneuverability to make it “invisible” and can penetrate radar networks more securely. Very few units were manufactured and each one gets a unique name that consists of the nickname “Spirit” plus the name of a particular territory.

B-1B Lancer – Type B (Bomber)

Strategic bomber capable of penetrating enemy territory at supersonic speeds and throw a lot of bombs to their dominance.

Taking advantage of its variable geometry wings to rotate at any altitude in a stable, strained by the network of radar flying at low altitude. Thanks to its sharp, its power of attack and improper handling of such a large machine, it deserves its nickname: “Lancer.”

MH-60 Blackhawk – Type: H (Helicopter Auxiliary)

Auxiliary helicopter used by U.S. Army Special Forces for missions that require firepower. Besides serving to transport military personnel, effective attacks launched by the 7.62 mm machine gun on the side of the helicopter.

In addition to having front infrared scanning (FLIR), is equipped with a wide range of electronic systems required for assault missions.

AC-130U Spooky – Type G (Cannon)

This attack aircraft used in localized containment efforts is able to destroy enemy forces due to its heavy armor and their enormous firepower.

It is equipped with three weapons on the left side of the plane: a 25 mm Gatling, a 40 mm automatic cannon and a 120 mm mortar, which can launch attacks ground support against any target. The latest model, the AC-130U, is called “Spooky” and has been used in all types of military operations from the Gulf War and the Iraq War.

AH-64D Apache Longbow – Type: H (Attack Helicopter)

The attack helicopter is the pride of the U.S. Army. In addition to its excellent maneuverability, its automatic cannon 30 mm Rotary provides great firepower. The Longbow radar that is fitted on the main rotor allows you to use missiles in all weather conditions. Nicknamed as “Apache Longbow”

Mi-24 Hind – Type H (Attack Helicopter)

The helicopter assault and is a pillar of the Russian Army. Resistant due to its heavy armor, it also highlights the large amount of weapons that can lead appointed.

Draws attention to its characteristic rounded nose, which is mentioned in the code name for NATO (“Hind”). Besides serving as anti-tank and close air support, it also serves to transport personnel and military equipment.



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