Jul 082011

On July 7 video sharing site YouTube announced the launch of an experimental version of the site called Cosmic Panda, users are encouraged to test the site and leave their feedback.

Cosmic Panda is part of YouTube’s Test Tube experiments and is separate from YouTube, which retains its current format.

Test Tube is a side project conducted by YouTube in order to get user feedback on their latest project developments, users of the site can try a number of editing and search tools not currently widely available.

As part of this project, Cosmic Panda provides users with additional editing tools for altering their YouTube channel, and it gives Google Chrome users the ability to watch one video while moving between other videos, playlists and even channels.

In a July 7 blog post YouTube outlined the principles of Cosmic Panda and encouraged users to express their thoughts on the service. Users can leave feedback by accessing the channel and clicking the blue label on the left-hand side of the screen marked “Feedback.”

Other popular video sharing channels include Vimeo, Daily Motion and the popular Chinese site Tudou, which includes a variety of clips from English language shows alongside Chinese videos.

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