May 132012

Scott Thompson resigns as CEO of Internet company Yahoo. The CEO left after he was placed under fire because of a lie on his resume. He had mentioned an IT study to have done, but this proved to be wrong. Yahoo made ​​that Sunday itself known, after the news recently been leaked. Ross Levinsohn, who at the internet company works as head of the media department, temporarily takes over the helm.

Thompson came into disrepute after it appeared that he had lied on his resume following a study in the field of computer sciences. The CEO stated that in addition to his resume in filings with the U.S. government were submitted. Although the CEO initially claimed not to have lied, but he now appears to have resigned. Thompson was previously CEO of PayPal, but in January this year took over the helm at Yahoo after former CEO Carol Bartz was fired in September due to disappointing results.

Yahoo finds some time in heavy weather. Recently the company announced 2,000 jobs to be deleted. The layoffs should be $ 375 million per year in savings. The company will from now on a number of core activities. Previously, all outside the Internet company that its Japanese branch and its share in the Chinese Alibaba of the hand will do. Yahoo can not easily compete with companies with online operations such as Google and Facebook.








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